An Excellent Travelers Rest Stop:
Quality Boarding and Gentle Grooming

While a trip out of town can be fun and relaxing for you and your family, it can often cause your pet a lot of stress. This knowledge can add to your stress as well and make a fun trip into one plagued by worry and uncertainty.

Maybe you can leave your pet with a neighbor or a relative? Do they know what to do in case of emergency? Might they get busy or distracted and forget to come feed your pets while you are out of town? All of these worries can be put to rest by trusting us to take care of your pet while you are away.

Our boarding facility features:

  • Completely indoor kennels
  • Twice daily walking with extra playtime and off leash exercise sessions (with owner’s permission and always under close supervision)
  • Cat boarding area that is completely dog-free
  • Cat play area where your cat can lounge and play (with owner’s permission and always under close supervision)

If your pet has special needs, needs medication or has a special diet, you can relax knowing that our veterinary staff will closely supervise your pet’s care while you are away. We encourage you to bring a favorite toy or blanket to make your pet’s stay with us even more positive and enjoyable. You are also welcome to make an appointment to come tour our facility with or without your pet.

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Grooming Services

We at Cleveland Park of Travelers Rest are proud of our groomers Savannah Falkenburg and Rachel Barnes.

Grooming is more than just a bath and a haircut. Proper grooming can help keep your dog or cat comfortable, smelling good and can prevent many potential health problems.

Cat Grooming

Many people are under the impression that cats do not need grooming or that they take care of all of their grooming needs themselves. While this may be true for young or shorthair cats, other longhair or older cats may need some outside help.

Grooming can be especially stressful for cats, so our groomer will take her time and work with your cat so that the process is as stress free as possible.

Dog Grooming

Keeping your dog well groomed is a very important part of his or her overall health. Our full service groomer will bathe your dog, using a medicated bath if needed. She will also give him or her the haircut of your choice, trim nails, and clean ears.

Our groomer will also clean and inspect your dog’s eyes, paws, pads, and anal glands. These areas are often overlooked but can have a large impact on your pet’s health and comfort.

Sometimes grooming can uncover hidden health issues that need immediate attention. This is another area in which our veterinary office based groomer is an advantage to you and your pet. If there is a need, a veterinarian is always close at hand.

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Call and make an appointment to meet our groomer or have your dog or cat groomed today.

“ Thank you for being the best vet ever!! ”

“ My heart is full and grateful for everyone there. Thank you for taking care of my girl, I could never fully express what it means to me. ”

“ Love taking care of the bill while still in the exam rooms! Great idea! ”

“ We just wanted you to know how much we appreciated all you did for our precious kitty & for us. Thank you. We love you. ”

“ Thank you CPAH in TR!! Each and everyone of you are very special to our family. ”

“ Please know from the bottom of my heart, to the moon and back you are much loved and truly amazing. ”

“ Absolutely love this hospital!! ”

“ I still am grateful for how wonderful you and your staff have been to me and my kids

“ Everyone is very professional and reflects well for the company. ”

“ A special thank you to everyone! No improvement needed! Great place! ”

“ Your staff worked our sick pet in on a busy day without an appointment, and I was very appreciative of their willingness and ability to do that. ”

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